Project 'Samarth': An Initiative by ClaimTherapist

Project 'Samarth': An Initiative by ClaimTherapist

The current scenario has posed several restrictions in terms of getting proper treatment in hospitals, which has become far from possible.

The second wave of Covid-19 has largely disrupted the medical system of the country, with no availability of beds, medicines and oxygen supplies.

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People are facing a financial crunch due to spending on overpriced medicines and costly oxygen cylinders.

A patient who might need urgent hospitalization is being forced to get a home treatment under proper monitoring measures and equipment.

Keeping in mind the terms & conditions of your health insurance policy which may cover hospitalization treatment of Covid-19 under normal circumstances, domiciliary hospitalization or home treatment may not meet several criteria of the policy.

Therefore, the huge medical bills sitting at home may not be reimbursed by these companies. Even if a patient needs hospitalization but is not able to find any beds, he/she might face a huge liability from home treatment.

A major reason for this is the criteria of minimum hospitalization requirement of 24 hours to get a claim, which is not met in case of home treatment of Covid-19.

Not only this, but even hospitals are not accepting cashless services. This has become an issue since people have been constantly complaining about hospitals asking for cash to pay medical bills and not even accepting cards or online methods of payment.

In case of hospitalization, the insurance company will only cover what it is supposed to.

For example, if you buy some medicines or injections at a higher cost, say Rs 10,000/-, your insurer will only pay for the actual costs of the medicines which may be around Rs 2,000/-.

The policyholder will be liable to pay the rest of the amount from his/her pocket.

Given the current situation, ClaimTherapist has come up with an initiative – Project ‘Samarth’.

Project Samarth aims to help policyholders in these difficult times to get claim reimbursements for home treatment expenses of Covid-19.

Our team of experts will help in processing claims for Covid-19 and recovering money from insurance companies.

Also, we sincerely care about our customers who are already facing financial issues currently. Considering this, our services will be provided for free to our customers.

From filing insurance claims to processing reimbursements, Project Samarth will ‘Ease Covid Claims with Zero Time & Money’!

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