Know Your Insurance Coverage

What is insurance coverage?

Health insurance coverage is a particular medical expense for the person(s) who is/are covered under the issued policy. Knowing your insurance helps you claim what is rightfully yours. Make sure you are well aware of your health insurance plan and understand all the rightful benefits.

Insurance Coverage

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What expenses does my insurance cover?

Ambulance Charges

Ambulance charges

During a medical emergency, your ambulance charges may be covered by your policy. Learn more from an expert.

Hospitalization stay charges

When an illness requires hospitalization or if your doctor suggests the same, your hospital stay charges will be insured. Learn how!

Hospital Charges

Non-medical charges and copayment

Cashless treatments are not 100% cashless; there is always a fixed cost which is liable to the patient, irrespective of the insurance policy. Know more from the expert.

Cost of medicines & medical tests

The cost of medicines and medical test pre & post surgery could be covered. Know from the experts.

Diagnostic Assistance
Operation Theatre Charges

OT charges

In case of a surgery, Operation Theatre charges are covered under your policy. Ask an expert about which documents you will need.

Surgeon charges

In case of major surgeries, the surgeon charges a specific amount which adds to the surgery cost itself. Consult with an expert before claiming the surgeon charges.

Surgeon Charges