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ClaimTherapist is India’s first independent insurance service platform, that aims to create an ecosystem that solves challenges faced by hospitals in facilitating a seamless medical claim journey to their patients. The clear objective goes beyond advising them, we want to partner with every hospital to handle all insurance related processes - from filing a claim till settlement of a claim. With us, hospitals can have the backbone that boosts their working capital and efficiency in the operational cycle.

We know that hospitals try to give their patients the best of experience but difficulties like long discharge hours, delayed approvals, cumbersome admission process hampers the overall patient experience. With us hospitals can ensure a smoother and hassle free claim experience for their patients. Our expert team knows everything that could go wrong in health insurance. Hence, with the know-how and technological expertise, we help them handle their patient’s claim journey and ensure easier and faster claim settlement.


To create a seamless & digital health insurance ecosystem so that both hospitals and policyholders can focus entirely on treatment and health recovery.


ClaimTherapist aims to simplify the health insurance experience at hospitals by handling the medical claim journey of their patients in the smoothest way.

Our Proficiencies

  • We handle all documentation

  • Automating insurance claims & book keeping

  • Digital tracking of claims

  • Increased footfall with medical financing facility

  • Query resolution

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